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Kings Clipstone

Information about Kings Clipstone and the surrounding area, the history of the village at the heart of Sherwood Forest  plus  walking and cycling routes.

The ruins of King John’s Palace, Kings Clipstone

Kings Clipstone has a key position in Sherwood Forest

Kings Clipstone’s central position in Sherwood Forest

By building their palace in Kings Clipstone, the Plantagenet monarchs recognised the manor’s strategic position at the heart of Sherwood.

The village’s  position is still crucial today as it straddles the shortest gap between the northern and central parts of the forest where the River Maun cuts through the forest. It was the availability water from the River Maun and the Vicar Water Brook that sustained the mediaeval village.

There is a wealth of local places to see such as King John’s Palace shown above, Parliament Oak, Archway House, the Flood Dykes, Clipstone Park water meadows and more.


Kings Clipstone village maps here


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